Introducing Richard Blackwood

Geberit are delighted to announce our collaboration with TV personality, actor and comedian Richard Blackwood, as part of the ongoing ‘My Confidence’ campaign.

By working with Richard we hope to break the ‘loo taboo’ and change society’s preconceptions of using a shower toilet by highlighting its undeniable benefits. Together we hope to inspire people to focus on their own wellbeing starting in the bathroom, the ‘My Confidence’ movement aims to raise awareness of washing with water as an essential part of daily personal hygiene.

The partnership - which follows the launch of the latest model in the revolutionary AquaClean shower toilet range, the AquaClean Sela - will see Richard exploring what wellness, health and happiness means to him.


Geberit AquaClean is making cleaning with water the natural option. At the touch of a button, the integrated spray functionality ensures freshness, cleanliness and a unique way to experience well-being all day long.

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Once you have experienced that clean, fresh feeling that a Geberit AquaClean shower toilet provides, you will never want to go without again.

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