Get excited about CLEANING WITH WATER

Water is an essential part of our daily personal hygiene. It’s clean, refreshing and unleashes a whole new sense of well-being. After all, if you spend the whole day feeling fresh and clean, you’re sure to feel confident, attractive and ready to take on the world.

Cleaning without water?

“Using water is the only way to get clean”

Water is just as important for keeping your bottom clean as it is for cleansing the rest of your body. In the past, people didn’t use much water in their personal hygiene. This is scarcely conceivable nowadays, when people shower almost on a daily basis – and yet we are lagging behind when it comes to hygiene for our bottom.

Here you can read the expert interview with Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Herold, coloproctologist in the Recto-Colonic Centre at the University of Mannheim.

What are the dangers of incorrect rectal hygiene?
Incorrect rectal hygiene can cause allergies, skin irritations as well as eczema, with sometimes unbearable itching. The same applies to inadequate or improper cleaning. Particularly in the case of softer stools, residual faecal matter in the anal folds cannot be cleaned satisfactorily with paper, which increases the risk of the aforementioned problems occurring.

What disadvantages are there to cleaning with water?
Absolutely none. With water, your bottom is cleaned thoroughly, and the cleaning is also gentle to your skin. So water is by far the most hygienic cleaning agent.

What do you advise for rectal hygiene when you are travelling away from home?
Cleaning with water is also the best method when you are on a journey. Where this is not possible, I recommend a middle course: moisten paper tissues under the tap and clean your bottom with them, then dry by dabbing with a dry tissue.

Have you ever tried a shower toilet? What do you think of them?
I have tried a number of shower toilets and I am totally won over – I can definitely recommend them.

My recommendation is always the same: you should clean with water only whenever possible!

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